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Our new curriculum is designed to test our athletes speed (parkour), develop their style (freerunning), and challenge their strength and coordination (obstacle course racing). Each class will build upon the previous classes ensuring our athletes will be constantly challenged and expanding their skill set.


PARKOUR is a movement discipline with the aim of getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient way possible. In our Parkour classes, we teach our athletes how to run, climb, swing, and jump through space quickly and intelligently.


FREERUNNING is an expansion on parkour incorporating acrobatics, tricks, flips, and a variety of stylized movements. In our Freerunning classes, our students learn to express and share their own creative style.

Obstacle Course Training

OBSTACLE COURSE RACING challenges athletes' balance, strength, and coordination all while overcoming unique obstacles. Each week, we create new and exciting courses giving our athletes a constantly varied experience.

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Joe Scandrett workshops and more!

Joe Scandrett is coming to town... and he's going to teach YOU some of his tricks!!! Jam sessions and workshops... don't miss out on this opportunity to train with one of the best!

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Summer Camp 2018

Summer camp registration is now open! Seven full weeks of fun activities, classes, games, and more are waiting! Sign up before Memorial Day (May 28th) to receive $50 discount per child per week.

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