Birthdays Live Free. Run free.

Come have your most thrilling and best birthday yet at Miami’s ultimate playground. Whether you are turning 5 or 105, Miami Freerunning will make this birthday one to remember.

All parties are for 2.5 hours
Setup, music, and clean up are included
Parties are hosted during “closed” hours offering you exclusive use of the facility

Choose your location:

Parkour jam

Run like a professional Traceur learning from our coaches how to jump, climb, and move through our facility.

Starting at $450

Ninja jam

Train like a real Ninja with a customized obstacle course that will give everyone in your party a fun and exciting challenge.

Starting at $550

your party

*Our Birthday Parties are held outside of our normal operating hours in order to provide you exclusive use of the facility. Current options include Saturdays at 5:30PM, Sundays anytime at or before 5:30PM, and Fridays at or before 3:30PM.