Our curriculum is designed to test our athletes speed (parkour), develop their style (freerunning), and challenge their strength and coordination (obstacle course racing). Each class will build upon the previous classes ensuring our athletes will be constantly challenged and expanding their skill set.

Intro class

Our Beginners classes provide our students the fundamentals needed to begin training in Parkour and Freerunning safely and wisely. With Beginners classes available Monday-Thursday and Saturdays, you decide when is most convenient for you to fall in love with PARKOUR and FREERUNNING.

Children younger than 9 can participate in the KID’S classes.

Please visit our SCHEDULE page for times at your preferred location.


Kids class

Does your child climb all over your walls? Use your furniture as their personal trampoline? Our KIDS class, ages 5 to 8, will put all of that energy to good use. They will learn balance and coordination, gain strength and speed, and have as much fun as humanly possible.

Level 1, 2, and 3

Our curriculum is designed for you to have a clear progression from a beginner who has never participated in any kind of sport to an advanced athlete. You will have the opportunity to continually test your skills and move to the next level when you are ready.

Homeschool class

Does Parkour & Freerunning count as PE? Of course it does! Take advantage of these classes to have your child burn some energy and learn a whole lot doing it. What child doesn’t love climbing, running and jumping!

Competition team

PARKOUR & FREERUNNING is about challenging yourself personally and surrounding yourself with other athletes trying to do the same. THAT is our competition team. Each week the team has a private training session with competition-like challenges.

Private lessons

PRIVATES provide a one-on-one or small group experience with classes specifically designed for the athletes’ unique needs and desired skills. Our coaches create an individualized plan to help our athletes achieve their goals as quickly as possible.