Work hard, Play harder with our homeschool program

Does Parkour count as PE? Of course it does! Bring your homeschooler for a unique experience that will have them burning energy and learning all about their physical capabilities.

Classes are limited to 16 registrants. To try a class, please contact us to schedule. Missed classes can be be made up during the respective session in our evening classes for the athlete’s appropriate age and level.

Session 3: January 24th through April 7th

Day Time Sessions Rate
Mon 12:30P 9 $108
Mon 1:30P 9 $108
Tues 12:30P 10 $120
Tues 1:30P 10 $120
Wed 12:30P 10 $120
Wed 1:30P 10 $120
Thur 12:30P 10 $120
Thur 1:30P 10 $120

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